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Iban puts your money to work

Iban facilitates access to an international credit rights marketplace. Credit right holders and investors are seamlessly connected to a hassle-free way of investing with potential profitability, through which we match selling and buying intentions.


Repays principal + interest
Provides capital for loans
Provides loan agreement
Loan originators
Review credit score and issue loans for selected applicants
Loan dispatched
Repays loan + interest


Unlike other platforms, instead of taxing you with the choice of one or more specific, credit rights, your investment is tied to the performance of your personal diversified bundle of acquired credit rights from Loan Originators, made available for you by Iban and making it that much easier for you to manage the amount you want to invest.

How we protect your money

Your funds are deposited with an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) regulated by the European Central Bank.
All investments are backed by Property Guarantees.
We audit and track several Loan Originator metrics that represent your operational status.

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Credibility and Transparency

At Iban, we take investor protection very seriously. Our risk mitigation policy includes several layers of security that help protect them. Let's take a look at each of them!

Electronic Money Institution (EMI) account protection

Since the Electronic Money Institution (EMI) is directly regulated by the European Central Bank, your funds are deposited in a fully compliant environment in line with tight EU-wide financial regulation.

Automated regulatory compliance (KYC and AML)

We work with advanced technology to uphold worldwide standards in order to determine the acceptance of each and every one of our Clients regarding investor profile (KYC - Know Your Customer) and money laundering prevention (AML - Anti Money Laundering).

Multi-level identity protection

Our applications allow you to configure biometric protection systems such as Fingerprint or Facial Recognition, and always request a two factor authentication to perform sensitive actions on our apps.

Real-time notifications

We inform you in real time about your investments, your profits, and any movement you can make to ensure that you are always in control of your finances.

Iban Wallet facilitates access to a marketplace that allows you to contact credit rights holders from previously granted loans. The Investor users can invest, that is, acquire or buy such credit rights with the right to subrogate themselves in the creditor position of the granted loan, acquiring the right to receive the principal and the interests agreed in such granted loan, subject to the conditions that the User has agreed with the credit grantor, either directly or through the computer applications that systematize and make efficient such purchase process. These applications take into account the experience of the credit acquirer as well as the degree of risk he wants to assume, and allow him to execute the purchase of the credit or credit installments in the desired terms.

Frequently asked questions from our users

Can I cancel my accounts ahead of time?

You can request to withdraw your funds immediately at any time. Early investment account termination is also allowed with a small fee.

How can Iban offer these returns?

Online investment platforms have historically achieved high returns, thanks to their structural efficiencies. These platforms typically cut out the middleman and have cost structures which are fundamentally low. We pride ourselves on staying a step ahead of the market through expert risk and price management.

Is my money secured?

Yes, while your funds are deposited in an Electronic Money Institution (EMI). All our accounts have risk management policies and offer investor protection.

Is this just for young people?

No at all! Most of our investors are 50 or older. In fact, research has shown that over 55% of investors are 55 years old and over, with only 12% of investors under 30.

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