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Fixed returns starting at 2.5% AER. Interest paid daily

Open an account and start earning a fixed and steady income with interest paid daily, starting at 2.5% AER and up to 6% AER.

No investment or withdrawal fees

No fees to invest or withdraw, request access your funds and transfer them back to your bank at no extra cost.

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Meet our investment accounts

Iban accounts are investment accounts providing a fixed daily interest paid on a daily basis. Each account has a different interest rate. By opening an Iban account you can invest with a fixed interest of 2.5% AER. From there you can access any other investment products.

Iban account
Interest Rate
Minimum investment
Daily interest
Interest liquidity
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Iban account
€ 1
No term
€ 1.000
After 1 year
1 year
€ 1.000
After 3 years
3 years
5 years

Interest rate only valid for subscriptions until June 30th 2019. Rates will be adjusted for new subscriptions after July 1st 2019.

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Electronic Money Institution (EMI) protection

Your funds are deposited initially in an Electronic Money Institution (EMI), a regulated entity which complies with the required European regulations.

We believe all of this should be free

  • Set-up fee
  • Platform fee
  • Investment fee
  • Transfers fee
  • Withdrawal fee

Iban only charges an early termination fee in the event you cancel one of the accounts ahead of its term and that fee shall not be higher than the sum of your interest earned.

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Why you can trust in Iban

  • We’re here to help

    Dedicated customer support chat and a team of experts in financial management available for you. Write to us at help@ibanwallet.com.

  • Full regulatory compliance

    We follow strict global standards of identity verification (KYC), anti-fraud and anti money laundering (AML) with every single client.

  • Multi-step identity protection

    Our apps allow you to set up biometric protection such as Fingerprint and Face ID and always ask for 2-factor authentication before allowing access to the account.

  • Real-time notifications

    We notify you in real time regarding your investments, earnings, as well as any action you take, guaranteeing you are always in control.

  • Investor protection

    Your funds are secured at all times by asset-backed loans, have a Buyback Guarantee, protecting from unexpected defaults, and we have a Safeguard Trust to protect against mismanagement from our Loan Originators.

  • A regulated entity

    When you open an Iban Account, your funds are deposited in a regulated Electronic Money Institution (EMI) which complies with the required European regulations.

Find out further how Iban works

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Who is investing in Iban

  • Individuals

    Retirement savings and an extra fixed income.

  • Corporate

    Companies looking to have a return on their cash position.

  • Institutional

    Looking for a steady income.

  • 5x
  • +30
  • € 9.602
    Average investment per client

Frequent questions from our users

How can I add funds to my Iban account?

You can add funds safely via your online banking directly in the app, or by bank transfer.

When do I earn interest from my accounts?

Your investments start earning interest the very next day after you invest. All investments at Iban pay fixed interest every day.

Can companies invest with Iban?

Business accounts are available to access all investment products.

Can I withdraw my funds?

You can request to withdraw your funds from Iban account at any moment to your bank account, free of charge.

Can I terminate my accounts ahead of time?

You can request to withdraw your funds immediately at any time. Early investment account termination is also allowed for a small fee.

Ready to start?

Investment accounts with interest paid daily. Start with fixed 2.5% AER and go up to 6% AER.

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