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Investing through Iban is free of charge. There are no fees for opening an account and no fees for depositing or withdrawing funds. Enjoy fee-free investing with us!

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Investment fee




Withdrawal fee


Iban only charges an early termination fee in the event you cancel one of the accounts ahead of its term and that fee shall not be higher than the sum of your interest earned.

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Add how much you are looking to invest and see exactly how much you will earn.
The Iban account has 2.5% AER and a minimum investment of โ‚ฌ1
The initial investment must be at least โ‚ฌ1
In 1 year, your balance will be

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Frequent questions from our users

Do I pay commissions?

There are no commissions for opening an account, making deposits or requesting withdrawals. However, if you choose to make an early cancellation of products One, Market or Dynamic (which have a defined deposit term), we will apply a small fee in proportion to how far away from the termination date you are. This fee will never exceed the interest you have generated, so rest assured that your principal will never be affected by it.

Is there any cost to renew an investment?

You donโ€™t pay any fees in case you want to renew your investments, itโ€™s free of charge.

Is there any cost to open or close an account?

There are no costs to opening or closing an account. You can start your Iban Account for free, add funds and invest in any other product for free as well. We charge no commissions to open an account, to make deposits or request withdrawals.

Do I have to pay to have any of the investor protections?

No, each account includes the Investor Protections free of charge, you donโ€™t have to pay any extra commission in order to access any of the protections. You can see our Accounts page to understand which investor protections cover each of the investment accounts.

Do you have more questions?

Check our help center

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