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Card9:41Daily limit€250.00Today's spend€41.91Card actionsReset PIN codeLock cardCard conditionsProfileCardInvestAccounts5412 7512 3412 3456HENRY GROSS10/22VALIDTHRU
Interest earned€0.90Current balance€1,655.00Account
Earn on your savings, spend on your wishes
A card for every day
A card for your day-to-day connected with your Iban Account, offering the same daily interest as always.
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Receive instant push notifications on your account's activities.
Daily interest€2.6119 OctoberDaily interest€€172.9920 OctoberStarbucks-€15.83
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Frequent questions from our users

Is the card free?

Yes, the Iban Card is 100% free. Opening an account is also free, and select users will have early access to the card for no extra cost.

Are there any limits?

Do I still earn interest on my balance?

What happens if I lose my card or it gets stolen?

We have made security our top priority: you can lock your card with one tap (and unlock if you want to re-use it) or block directly from the app.

Do you have more questions?

Check our help center

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Investments with interest accrued daily. Interest rates up to 6%.

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