Meet our investments

Iban investments provide projected interest which accrues on a daily basis. By investing with Iban you can expect an interest rate of up to 6% AER. Investments are in asset-backed loans, which are screened by our approved loan originators.

Your Iban Account

When you register at Iban, you immediately get an Iban Account. See below why the Iban Account is a game-changer.

Add funds, quickly and safely

Top up your account via bank transfer, online banking or credit/debit card, securely and in minutes.

Start with €1, interest paid daily, no term

All you need to start is €1, and we aim to pay interest every day. The Iban Account has no minimum term.

When you open an Iban Account

You can invest and earn an interest rate up to 6% AER and, from there, access any other investment offer.

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Minimum investment
Interest calculation
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Estimation based projections

How your accounts are protected

Asset-backed loans

Each loan is carefully assessed by our team prior to being accepted. This allows our accounts to be designed as an asset-secured investment.

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Investments with interest accrued daily. Interest rates up to 6%.

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