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Iban products are investments with different terms, so that you are able to potentially earn interest according to the product of your choice. By opening an Iban account, you can invest with an interest rate of up to 6% AER. We believe that with an Iban account you can save time as well as put your money to work for you.

Iban Registration

When you register with Iban, you immediately get an Iban Account.

Returns of up to 6%

With Iban you can choose from 4 different products and get returns up to 6% AER according to their specific terms and conditions.

Add funds, quickly and safely

Top up instantly and securely with debit/credit card, or transfer at any time directly from your bank account. Invest on the go with our mobile app.

See below why the Iban Account is revolutionary

Iban accounts are investments with different terms, which, in turn, generate interest. Each account has a different interest rate.

When you open an Iban Account

You can invest and earn an interest rate up to 6% AER and, from there, access any other investment offer.

Predicted interest Rate
Minimum investment
Interest calculation
Estimate based on certain calculations, projections and risk associated with certain credit/collection rights

How your accounts are protected

Asset-backed loans

Each loan is carefully evaluated before it is accepted. This allows our products to be designed as a secured investment.

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Choose the type of investments you want, to get returns up to a 6% AER.

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