The first platform youโ€™ll love

Why do we love what we do?

Because we value the financial returns and want you to be able to manage your finances in a way that is easy and simple. Because we want to give you the freedom to have control over your money from anywhere in world and at any moment. We work day in, day out to offer you the flexibility of saving, modifying your security configurations with transparency and simplicity, without the annoying paperwork.

More than just an account

The Iban experience is simple, transparent and secure. Enjoy different account with different returns and terms. Find the account that best fits your lifestyle.

The first platform you will fall in love with

With an experience that is simple and digital, your Iban Account gives you real financial control from your mobile phone. Furthermore, opening an Iban Account is free, it takes just a few minutes, and requires no paperwork.

We believe in a world beyond banking

Our focus is in solving problems. Weโ€™re trying to improve our world and change the financial lives of millions of people through Iban.

We are building Iban together

We know we are doing things differently. We are more open, more transparent and simpler.

Our incredible community and partners are those who help us with their constant feedback which give way to improvements. As such, little by little we build something that we all love.

Made for real people

Iban was built by and for real people. We have teamed up with great providers and highly qualified professionals in order to offer you an opportunity to earn interest on your savings. We believe humans help humans and that is the reason why we have a great team of Customer Service Experts to help you whenever you need it.

Ready to start?

Choose the type of investments you want, to get returns up to a 6% AER.

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