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2.5% AER

Daily savings account

Zero-fee account with 2.5% AER

Open your account and start earning on your savings without paying any fees.

No minimum term, withdraw any time

No minimum term, access your funds and transfer them back to your bank immediately.

Interest paid daily

Interest paid directly into your account every single day.

Start with only €1

Only €1 to start your account, add as much as you want.

Thinking long-term?

Upgrade your daily savings account and go up to 6% AER
The One investment has a minimum term of 1 year with a 3.5% AER and a minimum investment of € 1.000
The initial investment must be between €1000 and €99999999
In 1 year, your balance is
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Open an account in less than 3 minutes.

After we validate all your information, you can immediately add funds to your 2.5% AER account.

Add funds + investment

Add an investment. You are one click away.

After adding funds to your account balance, you can add an investment up to 6% AER.

interest paid daily

Interest paid daily. Manage and control your savings.

See your savings grow and receive compounded interest everyday. You have total transparency.


Withdraw your money to your bank account. Right away!

You can withdraw funds anytime for free to your bank account.


Making savings work for you

One click to invest, with full security. Start at 2.5% go up to 6% annual net returns.

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